Impact of climate change...

Impact of climate change on the dynamics of hydrological extreme events, Stage 1: Development of the project assumptions and methodology, scientific internship at the Department of Geosciences, Mississippi State University

The aim of the internship is to learn modern ways of data mining, research and modelling of changing climate by extending the statistical, spatial analysis and machine learning skills.

The problem of climate change and its hydrological consequences is extremely complex, and the use of many different definition, methodological, model and tool approaches leads to a heterogeneous picture of changes in the environment. While a regional or local approach allows local water cycle conditions to be taken into account, it does not contribute to an understanding of global change. 21st century society is becoming a global society, and regional problems are rapidly becoming global problems. For this reason, it is important to identify the effects of climate change at global scale, with a particular focus on environmental and water resources changes. Water is essential for all life on earth, but its excess can lead to economic and natural losses and endanger human life. But the destructive power of water is not only linked to its surplus. Lack of water means unfavourable conditions for the development and existence of most living organisms on Earth. For humans, lack of water means, first of all, economic losses manifested by a decrease in yields, agricultural production and, consequently, limiting the availability of food. It is therefore essential to improve our knowledge of the dynamics of changes in global resources and threats, especially in times of changing climate.

The scientific research of Dr. Eng. K. Raczyński focuses on hydrological extreme events: floods and droughts and impact of climatic conditions and regional components of the environment on these phenomena. This approach allows for comprehensive analysis and modelling of future environmental changes, not only on a global scale but also on regional scales. Dr. Eng. K. Raczyński’s scientific interests are related to the issues of modelling the impact of climate change on the dynamics of these events. In recent years, his activity has been focused on modern data mining techniques and Data Science.