YSC on Facebook

The official fansite of the Council can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/RMN.UMCS.

The primary goal of the Young Scientists Council is to support young scholars – employees, doctoral students and students – and assist in their professional becoming and growth at our University, so at the fan page, we will post information regarding, but not limited to, grant competitions (including those beyond the mainstream NCN, NCBiR), noteworthy opportunities for collaborative work, valuable training courses and other initiatives that can help you in your academic career, the Council’s activities and invitations to not only participate in events held by us, but also to take active part in their organisation. We are full of hope that here you will find content which may facilitate your work, be the source of inspiration and encourage you to actively participate in the life of the young scholars community at UMCS! We encourage you to like and observe our fanpage!