The Vibes of UMCS - Robert’s Erasmus Experience in Prague

The new episode of The Vibes of UMCS in available now to watch on TV UMCS YouTube channel.

If you have ever thought of going on Erasmus exchange, but you have never met anyone who could tell you more about it then you should watch this interview.

In today’s episode of the Vibes, Robert, the student of UMCS, tells us about his Erasmus experience in Prague. He shares memories and amazing stories that will make you want to go on Erasmus + exchange. During the interview he also mentions the reasons for applying for Erasmus and states the benefits of doing so.

The episode was pre-recorded before the Covid-19 outbreak.

The project is financed by the Polish Agency for Academic Exchange.




    Ellen Chkhitadze
    Date of addition
    2 July 2020