Psychological Support

Dear students and PhD students,

We would like to inform you about the support that you can use free of charge, having the status of a student or doctoral student. We offer advice from mental health professionals.

Advice regulations

Educational consultancy

Mr. Grzegorz Chmielewski - "We'll say it" Foundation

Psychologist, speech therapist, educationalist

Phone number: 609 918 333


Mrs. Ewa Diadush

Psychologist, psychotherapist (advises in Polish, English and Ukrainian)

Phone number: 782 095 503, e-mail:

Mrs. Magdalena Leleń

Psychologist, specialist in the field of working with a person with an autism spectrum and mental disorders (also provides advice in English)

Phone number: 519 841 333


Mr. Marian Diadush

Psychotherapist, specialist in the field of anxiety states, depression, emotional problems (advises in Ukrainian and Russian).

Phone number: 695 873 930

You can arrange a consultation by calling or sending an e-mail directly to the specialist of your choice. Please be advised that if a given specialist does not answer the phone, it means that he is helping someone, but he will certainly call you back soon.

During pandemic restrictions, advice is provided on-line, and in exceptional cases and when it is necessary, it is done personally, but only with all epidemiological safety rules.


    Jagoda Tomczak-Osuchowska
    Date of addition
    9 November 2020