Premiere of the 8th episode in the second season of the Academic Podcast!

Did you know that the world-famous X-Culture Global Business Symposium is coming to Lublin?

X-Culture = Students + Professors + Business + Research

Students from around the world first pass demanding qualifications and then form international teams that meet stationary in the last week of the competition to finalize their work on solving a business problem.

Previous editions of the Global Business Symposium took place, among others, in 2019 in Canada, 2018 in Italy, and 2017 in Miami (United States).

Special guest of the podcast is Vas Taras a PhD, X-Culture Project Director- Project Founder and Coordinator. As a profession he teaches International Business at the Bryan School of Business and Economics in the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He is also a Vice President and Administrator at the Academy of International Business and Fellow University of International Business in Southeast USA.

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In the newest episode you have the chance to meet with our host Natasza and her special guest - Vas Taras a PhD.

In podcast he will reveal some details about X-Culture, X-Culture Global Business Symposium and why Lublin was chosen as a host at the X-Culture Global Business Symposium in 2023.

If you'd like to know more about how to expand your qualifications, gain experience and grow as a valuable member of labor market tune in to this podcast!

The podcast was hosted by Natasza Łapińska.

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The event is organized with the financial support of the Municipality of Lublin as part of the Lublin Akademicki programme.


    Date of addition
    14 December 2022