Polish-Ukrainian loess research - invitation to a speech

On behalf of the organisers - the Association of Polish Geomorphologists - we would like to invite you to a remote geomorphological lecture by Dr hab. Przemysław Mroczek, prof. UMCS (Department of Geomorphology and Palaeogeography, UMCS) entitled "Periglacial loesses and their genesis in the light of studies of key loess sites from Poland and Ukraine", which will take place tomorrow (Thursday, 15 March 2023) at 17:00

Link to the lecture (in Polish)

Dr Przemysław Mroczek is a research and teaching fellow at our Institute. He is a geographer by training, a specialist in Quaternary palaeogeography. Over the last 20 years, he has conducted research on loess areas in Central and Eastern Europe in various research teams. He is the author of two loess monographs and co-author of nearly 200 scientific articles, including more than 40 from the JCR list. He has promoted more than 40 bachelor's and master's degrees. He was a contractor in over a dozen KBN/NCN research projects. Currently, he is a member of the PAU and an expert of the NCB of the Polish Academy of Sciences, as well as holding numerous positions, e.g. member of the boards of the Lublin Scientific Society and the Lublin Branch of the Polish Geographical Society. A Wikipedian with a passion for open science.

The lecture will concern the presentation of the results of the speaker's own and co-authored research in the area of Poland and Ukraine. The genesis of loesses, the history of their research, stratigraphic and regional differentiation will be discussed in popular science terms. Furthermore, modern laboratory methods of loess research applied by the speaker will be presented on selected examples. Interesting facts and myths about loess, as well as the unique geotouristic attractiveness of loess areas will be an important element of this lecture.

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    14 March 2023