Prestigious publication on climate change

We are pleased to inform about the latest scientific article by Dr hab. Piotr Zagórski, professor UMCS (Department of Geomorphology and Palaeogeography UMCS) published in the Arctic Report Card: Update for 2020:

Jones, B. M., Irrgang A. M., Farquharson L. M., Lantuit H., Whalen D., Ogorodov S., Grigoriev M., Tweedie C., Gibbs A. E. , Strzelecki M. C., Baranskaya A. , Belova N., Sinitsyn A., Kroon A. , Maslakov A. ,Vieira  G., Grosse G., Overduin P., Nitze I., Maio C., Overbeck J., Bendixen M., Zagórski P.,, Romanovsky V. E.,. 2020. Coastal Permafrost Erosion. Arctic Report Card 2020, R. L Thoman, J. Richter-Menge, and M.L. Druckenmiller, Eds.

One of the elements of the Report is the current state of the Arctic coasts, which is characterised in this article. Changes in air temperature, storm intensity, sea ice and ocean conditions together have led to an increase in the rate of permafrost erosion on the coast in regions with a high percentage of Arctic inhabitants, where industrial, commercial, tourist and military activities are also developing very strongly.

The Arctic Report Card is an annual (since 2006) collection of concise information on the current state of play of various elements of the Arctic environmental system in relation to historical records. These reports are intended for a wide range of audiences, including scientists, teachers, students, decision-makers and the general public interested in the changes taking place in the Arctic environment.

The presented results of interdisciplinary Arctic research confirm climate and environmental change. This is illustrated by the extreme positive air temperatures in the Eurasian Arctic, significantly affecting the annual variability and interconnectivity of ecosystems across the region.

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