Highly scored publication - Resources (100 pts.)

We are pleased to inform about another scientific publication of dr hab. Wojciech Zgłobicki, prof. UMCS (Department of Geology, Soil Science and Geoinformation):

Zgłobicki W., Kukiełka S., Baran-Zgłobicka B., 2020. Regional Geotourist Resources—Assessment and Management (A Case Study in SE Poland). Resources, 9, 18.

According to the current List of Journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the article in Resources is rated 100 points.

The article was published in a special issue of Resources journal, concerning the geoheritage and geotourism resources. The paper assesses the value of geosites in the regional scale based on the author's own evaluation method and questionnaire responses. It also discusses issues of geotourism potential management and problems of its use in regional development. The co-author of the article is M.Sc. Sylawia Kukiełka, a graduate of the Tourism and Recreation studies (specialization in geotourism). The paper presents, among other sources, materials collected during the preparation of her MA thesis.




    Date of addition
    1 March 2020