A new publication, Veget. Hist. and Archaeobotany (100 pts)

It is with great pleasure we inform about another scientific article published by  Dr. hab. Irena A. Pidek, Prof. UMCS (Department of Geomorphology and Palaeogeography) published in Vegetation History and Archaeobotany. This work is one of the results of many years' cooperation of Prof. I.A. Pidek with a wide and international team of palaeobotanic specialists, with particular emphasis on palynological analyses.

Felde V.A., Flantua S.G.A., Jenks C.R., Benito B.M., de Beaulieu J.-L., Kuneš P., Magri D.,· Nalepka D., Risebrobakken B.,· Braak C.J.F., Allen J.R.M., Granoszewski W., Helmens K.F.,Huntley B., Kondratienė O., Kalniņa L., Kupryjanowicz M., Malkiewicz M., Milner A.M., Nita M., Noryśkiewicz B., Pidek I.A., Reille M.,· Salonen J.S., Šeirienė V., Winter H., Tzedakis P.C.,·Birks H.J.B., 2020: Compositional turnover and variation in Eemian pollen sequences in Europe. Veget Hist Archaeobot 29, 101–109.

According to the current Journalist List of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, "Vegetation History and Archaeobotany" is 100 points.

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    20 February 2020