The EUniverCities network meeting in Parma, Italy, with attendance of UMCS and Lublin City Hall representatives

Between 1st and 3rd December 2021, representatives of UMCS and Lublin City Hall, take part in the meeting of the EUniverCities network entitled "A new student generation: new challenges for city & university ", taking place in Parma-Italy.

During the three-day conference, participants exchange their experiences, ideas and take part in inspiring meetings and presentations of network members. UMCS is represented by Mrs Diana Szczepańska, acting Director of the Centre for International Cooperation and Dr Ewelina Panas, UMCS Rector's Proxy for Internationalization of Education. Lublin City Hall is represented by Dr Mariusz Sagan, Director of the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship of the City Hall. On the third day of the meeting, a workshop is planned for students-representatives from all partner universities and employees, in which a representative of our university will also take part, Ms Saadat Artelbekova, a 2nd-year student of International Relations at UMCS and via online connection, MSc Robert Ainebyona from the UMCS Recruitment Office.

The European network of EUniverCities was launched in 2012 to bring together medium-sized cities and universities tandems. The network aims to exchange and disseminate knowledge, expertise, and experience on cooperation between cities and universities in urbanized Europe. EUniverCities are also a platform that increases the visibility of partner cities and universities in the international arena.

Network members learn from each other how to fruitfully shape city-university cooperation, use lessons learned, and take the next steps at local, regional and international levels.

The network was inspired by the EU2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, which emphasises knowledge, innovation and technology.

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