New Horizons in English Studies

Since 2016, the EAS has been publishing the open-access peer-reviewed journal New Horizons in English Studies (e-ISSN 2543-8980). This project has contributed to the greatest success of the Association so far - the participation in the final round of the StRuNa 2017 contest during the 1st Interdisciplinary Congress of the Academic Movement IKONA in Warsaw under the patronage of the Minister of Science and Higher Education. Thanks to our extensive indexing efforts, in 2019 we were also included in the Ministerial List of Publications (20 points for a publication)

New Horizons in English Studies publishes research in English-language literatures (English, Anglo-Irish, Anglo-Scottish etc. literature, British literature, American, Canadian, Australian etc. literature, to name just a few), English-language linguistics or comparative linguistics that contains an English-language element, and cultural studies, including media studies. Within these broad areas, focus can be placed on topical issues but also on historical matters relevant to an understanding of the shape and functioning of English in a variety of uses. By disseminating results of research in these fields, the journal aids academics, students and teachers dealing with the English language in its contextual richness. Each year more and more international authors choose NHES as the venue for their publication.

To read the current issue and to learn more about the publication opportunities in New Horizons in English Studies, please visit the journal’s website.