St. Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day, 17th March, is celebrated annually in the Department of Anglo-Irish Literature (currently The Department of English and American Studies), hosting a series of lectures and presentations promoting Irish literature and culture and the beauty of the Celtic myth.  For about 15 years now the event has been an occasion to discuss a variety of Ireland-related topics, including the history of Ireland, politics, literature, film, music and dance as well as Irish cuisine.

Saint Patrick’s Day brings together BA, MA, doctoral students, and faculty members who prepare papers and presentations related to the Irish themes. Combining education and entertainment, the event is popular with secondary school audiences from Lublin and the Lublin area.

On 17th March 2022, the Department of English and American Studies at UMCS, in collaboration with the English Students’ Association team and with American Corner Lublin, celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a series of lectures and presentations. The meeting began with a captivating lecture by Professor Irmina Wawrzyczek (UMCS), devoted to diverse aspects of cultural tourism on the Emerald Isle. There were fourteen multimedia presentations, prepared by the students and lecturers of the Department of English and American Studies, dealing with Irish history and culture, including literature and film. This year’s meeting continues a long tradition of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at the Department. Although due to the current pandemic regulations St. Patrick’s Day was held online, its joyful spirit could be felt by the speakers and the audience alike.




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