Media coverage of ECOTECH-COMPLEX

A TVP3 programme "NAUKA" aired on January 31, 2017, where one of the discussed topics revolved around the research conducted at ECOTECH-COMPLEX, specifically at the laboratories of: Magnetic Resonance 7T and Genomics, Transcriptomics and Protoemics, as well as the Laboratory of Geohazard Management and Spatial Spectral Analysis.

Author: Joanna Sosnowska

An extensive article on the ECOTECH-COMPLEX building featured in the sixtieth issue of Świat Architektury 08 (60) / 2015. The interview with the building's architect, Filip Buszkiewicz included a number of drawings from the archives of Pracownia Autorska H.J. Buszkiewicz and photographs of the building itself and the surrounding garden. 



An issue of the Architektura Murator monthly (04.2015r.) featured an article on the ECOTECH-COMPLEX building as well as a number of accompanying photographs.