Cooperation Offer

In an effort to meet the demands of corporate and industrial customers operating in the region, and within the framework of the currently available financing for innovative endeavours related to the development of new technologies, Maria Curie Skłodowska University wishes to announce the availability of laboratory facilities at its newly opened ECOTECH-COMPLEX Centre.

The laboratories provide a unique opportunity for establishing fruitful cooperation between academia and industry. Our cooperation offer is addressed to any commercial entities with the ambition of developing new technological solutions in the following economy sectors:
- safe food,
- agriculture
- biotechnology and pharmacy,
- ecology.

The University offers the expert support of its research staff to any entrepreneurs interested in securing their competitive advantage by acquiring innovative technologies. To this end, they are invited to take advantage of the unique setup of scientific and research equipment available at the laboratories, including specific services rendered with the use of the respective devices (e.g.: HPLC, MS, FT-IR, IT-TOF, NMR, X-ray diffractometer, cytometry, DNA sequencers, and ultra-high field MRI 7T to name just a few).

Description of the facility

location: 20-612 Lublin, ul. Głęboka 39,
total floor area: 11 072,5 m2
dedicated laboratory space: 2 600 m2
seminar rooms: 350 m2
lecture hall for 200 people
floor area of the cleanrooms: approx. 200 m2
no. of parking spaces: 100

The Centre ensures high work standards and the possibility of isolating the respective research groups. The facility is fully air-conditioned and equipped with access-control and alarm systems. The Centre offers broadband internet access - wired and wireless, as well as individual telephone landlines. The laboratories are furnished with installations providing access to industrial gases (oxygen, CO2, argon, and hydrogen) as well as pneumatic systems. Moreover, each laboratory has access to a demineralised water source. The entire facility has been adapted to the needs of the disabled - elevators, ramps, suitable door width, and special toilet facilities.
Each laboratory can be flexibly adapted to the requirements at hand - 120, 145 or 265 m2 with adjacent office space (19 or 45 m2) and sanitary facilities. Laboratories are furnished with high-quality lab furniture and fume cupboards allowing the researchers to work with hazardous substances, e.g. poisons, aggressive gases, etc.
The Centre is conveniently located in the centre of Lublin, with easy access also using public transport. We are able to provide access to parking space as well as training and conference facilities. The offer of ECOTECH-COMPLEX constitutes a unique opportunity for any entities wishing to expand, gain a competitive advantage, and develop new products by taking advantage of the Centre's state-of-the-art scientific and research equipment.

Offers regarding the use of ECOTECH-COMPLEX facilities can be submitted to the Centre's offices during office hours, Monday to Friday between 8 am and 3 pm. Priority will be given to offers allowing for cooperation with selected research teams of Maria Curie Skłodowska University. There is a possibility of visiting the laboratories and directly discussing the conditions of cooperation after making suitable arrangement by calling 81 5375735 or via email to the following e-mail address: