Bio-crystallography Laboratory

RIGAKU diffractometer with accessories

The X-ray laboratory has an apparatus set consisting of a diffractometer (Rigaku model XG; MM007HFMR), with a high brightness X-ray source and a surface detector, and a crystal cooling system.


• in the crystallography of small molecules and proteins

• for diffraction studies of microcrystalline phases (e.g. minerals, bone preparations)

Studies of small (approx. 0.02 mm) and weakly scattering crystals are possible thanks to the use of a 'microfocus' type X-ray generator with a rotating anode, which, in combination with monochromatizing-focusing optics, enables the achievement of high brightness of Cu Kα rays on the crystal. The second key element of the diffractometer is the X-ray detector made in the HPAD technology. The diffractometer is equipped with software to control the operation of the apparatus: collecting, integrating and analyzing experimental data. In addition, the temperature attachment allows to carry out experiments in the temperature range of 80 - 300 K.

The laboratory also includes some equipment and devices necessary for crystallization:

• polarizing microscope for visual evaluation of the results of crystallization and mounting of single crystals

• shaker, vortex and pH-meter

• laboratory refrigerators

• plates and solutions for crystallization, loops for fixing crystals

• automatic pipettes, balance