For the employee - how to conduct online classes

In order to conduct classes or lectures online, log in to the application and then:

1. Create a team lecture/class group

How to create a team?

While creating teams, we encourage teachers to name teams in the way which is clear and transparent for students - giving the name of the study programme, year and subject,  for example: International relations, 1st year, Intellectual property.

2. Invite team members (students)

It can be done in three ways:

Codes and links can be shared through USOS messages, as well as in employees' personal profiles or on Faculty pages (in the case of publication on the website, please provide precise descriptions for which group the code / link is intended).

For the first two options (codes and links)the invitation will work if a student is already logged in to Teams application.

3. Create a meeting, i.e. classes / lectures on a specific date

How to create a meeting?

Important! While editing a meeting, select Channel - the team which was created earlier. People invited to the team will see the meeting in their calendar.

4. Start a meeting

In order to start a meeting, a participant should join and wait for other meeting participants to do the same. It can be also joined by viewing the meeting in the calendar and clicking "Join".

How to join the meeting?

At this point it is possible to (options from left to right):

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