Call for proposals in social sciences and humanities: Recovery, Renewal and Resilience in a Post-Pandemic World

International Cooperation Center would like to inform that the National Science Centre, in cooperation with the Trans-Atlantic Platform (T-AP) for Social Sciences and Humanities, announces the new call for international research projects on Recovery, Renewal and Resilience in a Post-Pandemic World (RRR Call 2021).

The call covers 5 main challenges:

  1. reducing inequalities and vulnerabilities;
  2. building a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable society;
  3. fostering democratic governance and political participation;
  4. advancing responsible and inclusive digital innovation; and
  5. ensuring effective and accurate communication and media.

Funding proposals may be submitted by international consortia composed of at least 3 research teams from at least 3 countries participating in the call from both sides of the Atlantic (e.g. Poland-Canada-Brazil or USA-Poland-Germany).

List of countries is available here: LINK


Call Timeline:

  • Submission deadline for obligatory Intentions to Submit: 14 June 2021
  • Submission deadline for full proposals: 12 July 2021
  • Submission deadline for NCN proposals in ZSUN/OSF: 19 July 2021
  • Call results: final decision to be made
  • Recommended project start date: March 2022

The total funding allocated by the NCN for research tasks to be performed by the Polish research teams under the call is 600,000 EUR.

More information about the call can be found here: LINK

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