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Ph.D Kinga Bednarzewska

Ph.D Kinga Bednarzewska


Pl. Marii Curie -Skłodowskiej 5
20-036 Lublin

Personal information

My research interests focus on the implementation of cooperation between science and business. I assess the conditions and readiness for cooperation. I conduct research on the transfer of knowledge and technology to the economy. I publish scientific articles on the assessment of the factors of investment attractiveness of countries. I am also interested in academic entrepreneurship and the role of universities in creating an innovative economy. 

Scientific Activity

I am interested in cooperation in the implementation of joint research projects and publications in the field of: 

  • university-business cooperation  

  • knowledge and technology transfer  

  • academic entrepreneurship   

  • investment attractiveness of countries  

  • methods of making managerial decisions 

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