You can still sign up for "Digitalisation of remembrance education" workshop!

Are you interested in History? Especially history of the Second World War? If so - You may be interested in our workshop at Chatka Żaka! You can still sign up for this workshop! Don't wait - join us!

Digitalisation of remembrance education - Meeting history through modern storytelling, a case study from Sweden” workshop is an amazing opportunity to learn more about this topic.

  • When? April 4th  2023 / 11:00
  • Duration: 1-1,5 h
  • Language: English

At our workshop you will learn:

  • How to use digital solutions to strengthen holocaust and remembrance education
  • How to promote civic education, such as active citizenship, human rights and civil courage, by using historical events/role models in a modern context and digital tools
  • About rapid ideation session on remembrance education in Lublin

Workshops are the outcome of the cooperation between Raoul Wallenberg Academy in Sweden, Polish Institute in Stockholm and ACKiM UMCS Chatka Żaka in Lublin.

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    Date of addition
    30 March 2023