Video manual on how to register in UMCS recruitment website

To respond to candidates' queries and make the online registration process easier UMCS Admissions Office created a video manual on how to apply to the UMCS recruitment system! Below is a convenient timeline to find the exact application section interesting for you!

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00:00:29 Bachelor programmes –

00:00:56 Master programmes –

00:01:46 „Register” button

00:02:28 How to register? – checklist

00:03:57 „Create an account” button

00:06:10 My account

00:06:37 Personal forms

00:06:44 Basic personal data

00:08:34 International candidate – foreigners’ status in Poland

00:09:38 Address and contact information

00:10:53 Photo

00:11:42 Education

00:16:09 Additional personal information

00:17:21 „Offer” section – choosing a study programme

00:18:24 „New application” notice – successfully filled in the data to register for a study programme

00:19:42 „Payments” – making an application fee payment

00:22:01 Messages – how to contact us by the system

00:22:52 IRK identifier (Registration No.)

00:22:52 Final step of the application – contacting UMCS Admissions Office at

00:24:30 Registration for interview

00:24:50 Social media

00:25:03 UMCS main website –



    Date of addition
    28 April 2023