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UMCS International Alumni Ambassador Programme

Were you studying at UMCS? Do you want to stay in touch with your colleagues and your Alma Mater?
Join the Alumni Ambassador programme at UMCS!

It is the perfect way not only to find your old friends; it is also an opportunity for self-improvement through our mentorship programme aimed at strengthening & widening your vocational network.

The experience of our Alumni is one of the most valuable sources of feedback we use to improve the methods and programs of education at our University. We want to know more about our Alumni’s career paths, professional achievements and possible challenges. Through sharing these experiences, we will have a better understanding of how studying at UMCS influenced your life, to what extent we helped you achieve your goals and how you handled the challenges you have faced so far.

The feedback of our Alumni will be the basis for the introduction of a number of activities to share experiences and skills between our Alumni and the rest of current students of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. There will be opportunities to conduct workshops, give lectures on any given topic or acceptance of our students for an internship at various companies. These are only a few examples of how we would like to engage our Alumni in a cooperation with UMCS for mutual benefit.


  • You become a valuable partner and a part of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin
  • Opportunity to build lifelong relations with other foreign graduates
  • Chance at joining a worldwide network of professionals,
  • Opportunity to reconnect with your former schoolmates as well as your Alma Mater,
  • Receive updated information on progress and new innovations at our University; receive invitations to exclusive events for our community,
  • Building a strong company image and brand through career related opportunities for future cooperation with potential workforce, 
  • Mentorship programmes – develop yourself personally & vocationally by becoming a mentor. You can share your experiences with other graduates and students of our University. As a mentor, you can also broaden your experience and skills through interactions and other activities such as organizing workshops, lectures and student internships within UMCS partners.
  • Joining a strong Alumni community on social media platforms.

Join the International Alumni UMCS programme!

The project is financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange.

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