International Alumni

UMCS Alumni Lifecycle

After picking your course you are a proud student of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University? Well, your career path has just began!

As a student, you can use all your knowledge and experience acquired at the University & international academic community:

  • in addition, you have access to our International Alumni UMCS mentor base – our mentorship programme can support you with their experience & work place tips.
  • thanks to our website and app, you can trace your career paths and vocational opportunities by -
  • getting to know future employers
  • building your own brand.

At the end of your education, you have knowledge, good memories and a wide network of contacts by your side.

Upon receiving your diploma, this does not mean your adventure with UMCS is over!

After graduation, you begin working towards your own professional career path. Thanks to the shared experiences passed on during your time at our University, you already know possible career entry points and are ready to you make your plans and aspirations come true.
As our graduate, you still can develop yourself, by broadening your education through enrolling for suitable postgraduate studies. The knowledge you gained is your own capital to invest in future generations.
Our graduates give the University a sense of pride and high esteem.

Through the mentorship program, the shared experiences and knowledge on career progression can create impactful mutual benefits to the Alumni’s, students and University all together. These benefits can be progressive over generations of scholars.

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The project is financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange.