Theme sessions: submission procedure

You’re welcome to organize your own theme session within the conference. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Send a proposal to the conference e-mail with the names and affiliations of the session organizers, the session's theme, a description in prose of no more than 600 words, and the expected number of participants, by January 18, 2015. (Note: theme sessions usually last one morning or afternoon, which allows for probably up to six papers to be delivered. A longer session is possible but will have to be negotiated with the conference organizers.)
  2. You will be notified of the acceptance/rejection of the session by February 8, 2015. If accepted, feel free to advertise it through your own chosen channels. Abstracts should be submitted to and evaluated by the session organizers (not by the conference organizers or the conference Scientific Committee) in the manner they see fit. Please send us the details of the procedure (abstract requirements, important dates, contact information, etc.) so we can also make them known through our website.
  3. Send us the programme of the session (names, titles, chairs, discussants, etc.) by April 30, 2015, together with a short description of the session to be included in the conference programme.