The series "From the archives of the University News."

30 years ago, in April 1991, the first issue of "Wiadomości Uniwersyteckie" was published. On this occasion, we are starting the series "From the archives of the University News", in which we will remind you of what has been the life of the academic community of our University in the last three decades and what has been reflected in our journal.

The first issue of "Wiadomości Uniwersyteckie" was 6 pages long and cost PLN 1,000. The editor-in-chief was Stefan Symotiuk. The first editorial board was composed of: Marek Jędrych, Wiesław A. Kamiński and Elżbieta Mulawa-Pachoł. The UMCS Publishing Press was responsible for typesetting and breaking, and the UMCS Printing Press was responsible for printing.

The cover of the first issue is decorated with a vignette with the name of the newspaper, ornaments and graphics with the University's Patron statue and a photo of the then Rector's College, which included: Rector prof. Eugeniusz Gąsior and vice-rectors: prof. Kazimierz Goebel, prof. Jerzy Bartmiński and prof. Jan Rayss.

The first issue consisted mainly of texts on current affairs, incl reports on the works and resolutions of the UMCS Senate, information on professional promotions, meetings and lectures, news from UMCS Publishing House, professional jubilees, farewells to deceased employees or comments on various aspects of the functioning of the University and higher education.

Looking back, we will observe how the reality and everyday functioning of the University has changed. In the first issue of "WU", we can, inter alia, read: "Connect with the whole world. Actually with computers from all over the world. Our university has been connected to the EARN (European Academic Research Net) computer network, a type of e-mail that enables instant contact with foreign subscribers ”. We will also be able to see that many issues are still relevant despite the passage of time. We encourage you to read the first issue of "University News":

We invite you to travel together in the past and follow our series "From the archives of University News" prepared on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of our journal.




    Monika Kusiej
    Date of addition
    16 April 2021

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