We invite you to participate in the 1st Cartographic Open Plenary Meeting – Lublin 2018, which is devoted to thematic maps.

In the 19th century, intensive development of thematic maps related to new directions of spatial research in various scientific disciplines began. In the 20th century, the thematic cartography expanded, both in the theoretical and practical areas. New technologies of map compilation, map design and publication emerged. Geographical information systems (GIS) have influenced the increase in the number of maps and the diversity of their subject. Nowadays map makers are specialists in many different fields of science and practice. They make countless thematic maps of various, often innovative purposes. This encourages specialists, both scientists and practitioners, to start discussions on contemporary thematic maps.

The goal of the 1st Cartographic Open Plenary Meeting – Lublin 2018 is to exchange knowledge, views and experiences combining the theory and practice of making and using thematic maps. We encourage to discuss the following issues:

–      contemporary trends in the development of cartography,
–      theoretical and methodical problems of mapping,
–      features and quality of maps,
–      spatial data and databases and their use,
–      visualization of the results of spatial analyses,
–      new forms of visualization,
–      remote sensing in thematic cartography,
–      social cartography and new forms of publication,
–      technological innovation,
–      thematic maps in regional and national atlases,
–      use of maps in the monitoring of the natural environment and spatial management.

The official languages ​​of the 1st Cartographic Open Plenary Meeting – Lublin 2018 are Polish, Spanish and English.