“Academic Sports Association of UMCS” (AZS UMCS) is the university’s club with a 70 year old tradition that associates 500 competitors and 50 coaches in 40 university units and 7 league teams. Our sportspersons represent the university on the national level, participating in Polish Academic Championships. In 2012/13 they won a bronze medal in the universities’ ranking. For many years the club has also been undefeated in the Academic Championships of Lublin Voivodship!

The club offers sports on amateur, as well as competitive levels. The competitive units include: athletics - extraleague, table tennis - first league, men’s futsal – I league, women’s basketball – I league, women’s handball – I league, men’s handball - I league and man’s basketball – III league.

The club’s strength is in a wide range of sports disciplines offered to students. Every student can choose from the following units: women’s and men’s basketball, women’s and men’s volleyball, football, women’s and men’s futsal, women’s and men’s handball, women’s and men’s athletics, women’s and men’s swimming, chess, bridge, badminton, women’s and men’s table tennis, women’s and men’s tennis, yachting, women’s and men’s snowboarding, women’s and men’s Alpine skiing, women’s and men’s climbing, karate shotokan, women’s and men’s judo, kick-boxing, power lifting, women’s and men’s indoor rower, mountain biking.

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UMCS Physical Culture Centre has implemented a new system of delivering courses. This allows students to select disciplines and suitable hours for physical classes. The offer consists of not only standard sports disciplines, such as football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis or swimming, but also aerobics, fitness, ballroom dance, martial arts, self-defense and climbing techniques. Enrolment is carried out in  electronic form.

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