Publication of Łukasz Jasiński, MSc in Routledge

Łukasz Jasiński, a researcher at the Department of Economic and Regional Policy at the Faculty of Economics of UMCS and an economist on 28th December 2021, published a book in the British scientific publishing house Routledge. The publication is entitled "Markets vs Public Health Systems: Perspectives from the Austrian School of Economics" and deals with the potential opportunities of introducing market solutions for a better, more efficient functioning of healthcare.

The researcher uses the achievements of the Austrian school of economics, which has important and solid achievements describing the functioning of the free market, its impact on individual areas of public life, including health care, critical from the perspective of the contemporary epidemiological situation in the world.

It is worth looking at this item because of the practical, alternative applications that improve healthcare and the prestige of the publishing house in which the scientist's publication was published. The British publishing house Routledge is one of the most renowned scientific publishing companies globally, publishing about 2,000 academic titles every year.

The indicated text by Łukasz Jasiński is a collection of innovative market proposals that may limit or even eliminate harmful gaps in the public health care system. Scientific activity for the creation of the first book in the career of a UMCS employee was also appreciated by the outstanding American economist Robert P. Murphy, who emphasized the huge role of this publication in promoting the achievements of the Austrian school of economics and appreciated the original idea of ​​presenting the health insurance system in a free market form, based on on the theoretical concepts of representatives of this school.

Łukasz Jasiński, M.Sc., is the laureate of the 4th edition of the competition (2016) organized by the Polish Bank Association - "Ethics in finance. Robin Cosgrove Award "and a scholarship holder of the Winter School of Economics of the Institute of Economic Education. Ludwig von Mises. He has also published numerous articles on the Austrian School of Economics and the relationship of the free market with public health care in economic, scientific journals.

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    Monika Kusiej
    Date of addition
    11 January 2022