Postgraduate studies: enrollment on selected courses

Recruitment for postgraduate studies is ongoing. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer!

Postgraduate studies are the fastest way to gain new professional qualifications, update or acquire knowledge. Each year, the didactic offer of UMCS postgraduate studies is updated based on the analysis of social and economic changes and the resulting needs.

This year, we have launched new directions, including:

  • "Postgraduate studies in tax law" expanding knowledge and skills in the field of tax law and proceedings;
  • “Inclusive education with universal design in the teacher's work” preparing for effective work with students with special educational needs;
  • "Educational psychology with pedagogical preparation" qualifying competencies for the implementation of care and educational, didactic and therapeutic tasks in kindergartens, schools and educational system institutions,
  • "Audiovisual translation", preparing for the preparation and editing of audiovisual translations, with particular emphasis on the needs of people with visual and hearing impairments,
  • "Management in public administration (Branch Office in Puławy" aimed to supplement the knowledge and improve skills by people working or intending to work in public administration.

Lecturers in all fields of study are experienced academic staff and specialists-practitioners. Students use the Virtual Campus platform and a modern teaching base.

Detailed information: 

Registration can be made when the status "Open registration" appears next to the direction.


    Monika Kusiej
    Date of addition
    17 August 2021