Publication in high impact journal - Journal of Hydrology

We are pleased to inform about a scientific article by Dr Krzysztof Siwek, an employee of our Institute, published in the latest volume of the Journal of Hydrology:

Morbidelli R., García-Marín A.M., Al Mamun A., Atiqur R.M., Ayuso-Muñoz J.L., Taouti M.B., Baranowski P., Bellocchi G., Sangüesa-Pool C., Bennett B., Oyunmunkh B., Bonaccorso B., Brocca L., Caloiero T., Caporali E., Caracciolo D., Casas-Castillo M.C., Catalini C.G., Chettih M., Chowdhury A.F.M.K., Chowdhury R., Corradini C., Custò J., Dari J., Diodato N., Doesken N., Dumitrescu A., Estévez J., Flammini A., Fowler H.J., Freni G., Fusto F.,García-Barrón L., Manea A., Goenster-Jordan S., Hinson S., Kanecka-Geszke E., Kar K.K., Kasperska-Wołowicz W., Krabbi M., Krzyszczak J., Llabrés-Brustenga A., Ledesma J.L.J., Liu T., Lompi M., Marsico L., Mascaro G., Moramarco T., Newman N., Orzan A., Pampaloni M., Pizarro-Tapia R., Torres A.P., Rashid Md.M., Raúl Rodríguez-Solà, Marcelo Sepulveda Manzor, Siwek K., Sousa A., Timbadiya P.V., Filippos T., MVilcea M.G., Viterbo F., Yoo C., Zeri M., Zittis G., Saltalippi C., 2020. The history of rainfall data time-resolution in a wide variety of geographical areas, Journal of Hydrology 590,

The article presents a historical analysis of the temporal evolution of rainfall data based on a large database of rain gauge networks operating in many research areas. On a global scale, this data has been collected for 25,423 rain gauge stations in 32 geographical areas, with a special focus on Australia, USA, Italy and Spain.

According to the current List of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSzW) Magazines, the article published in the International Journal of Hydrology is 140 points.

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    4 August 2020