Publication in high impact journal - Int. J. of Climatology

We encourage you to read the latest article on meteorology, whose one of the authors is an employee of our Institute Dr. Krzysztof Siwek. The article was published on-line in the prestigious magazine International Journal of Climatology:

Magdalena Gos, Piotr Baranowski, Jaromir Krzyszczak, Adam Kieliszek, Krzysztof Siwek, 2020. Dynamics of meteorological time series on the base of ground measurements and retrospective data from MERRA-2 for Poland. International Journal of Climatology,

The presented research results were obtained within the project of the National Centre for Research and Development (grant number BIOSTRATEG3/343547/8/NCBR/2017).

This article is available in an open access formula.

According to the current List of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Magazines the article published in the International Journal of Climatology is 140 points.

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