Palaeoenvironment of the Dniester estuary of the Black Sea (Ukraine)

The journal Quaternary Science Reviews published a response to a comment on a previously published scientific article on palaeoenvironmental research in the area of the Dniester estuary to the Black Sea in southern Ukraine:

Łanczont M., Mroczek P., Komar M., Fedorowicz S., Woronko B., Nawrocki J., Frankowski Z.,  Standzikowski K., 2022. Reply to the comment on “A remarkable last glacial loess sedimentation at Roxolany in the Dniester Liman (Southern Ukraine)” by Łanczont et al. (2022). Quaternary Science Reviews, 297, 107835.

The research results presented in the commentary are part of a NCN project Global, regional and local factors determining the paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental record in Ukrainian loess-soil sequences along the Dnieper valley - from proximal to distal areas of the periglacial zone, implemented at the Institute and headed by Prof. Maria Łanczont.

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