Latest "Sprawozdania Archeologiczne" with our participation

We are pleased to announce two new scientific articles presenting the results of geoarchaeological research in eastern Poland, written in co-operartion with the members of our Institute, which have been published in the latest volume of Sprawozdania Archeologiczne:

  • Bobak D., Łanczont M., Nowak A., Mroczek P., Połtowicz-Bobak M., Standzikowski K., 2022. Eastern periphery of the Magdalenian world. Wierzawice 31 hunting campsite (SE Poland). Sprawozdania Archeologiczne, 74, 1, 269-298. DOI: 10.23858/SA/74.2022.1.2913
  • Dobrowolski R.Terpiłowski S., Szeliga M., Wiśniewski T., 2022. Flints of the Chełm Hills (Rejowiec flints) – origin, sedimentation environment and exploitation in prehistory – a case study from the Lechówka site. Sprawozdania Archeologiczne, 74, 1, 11-29. DOI: 10.23858/SA/74.2022.1.3110

This volume is dedicated to Prof. Jerzy Libera of the Institute of Archaeology of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University on the occasion of his professional jubilee.

Link to 74th volume of Sprawozdania Archeologiczne.


    Date of addition
    22 December 2022