Large-scale debris avalanches in volcanic and mountainous areas - hybrid lecture (26 October)

We would like to invite you to a lecture by Jean-Luc Schneider of the University of Bordeaux entitled "Sturzstroms: large-scale debris avalanches in volcanic and mountainous areas. Dynamics and consequences".

The speaker is the French Embassy's attaché in charge of university relations, and his scientific specialisation and output are related to earth and environmental sciences. These include issues of volcanism, catastrophic phenomena in natural systems related to climate change such as large-scale landslides and flashfloods in polar regions. The meeting will provide an opportunity not only for scientific discussion, but also to learn about the prospects for establishing cooperation with French universities.

The lecture will take place on 26 October (Thursday) in the auditorium of the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Spatial Management UMCS, Kraśnicka 2D in Lublin at 5.15 p.m. In addition, the lecture will be broadcast on-line via MS Teams - LINK TO e-MEETING.

The invitation is extended to all those interested in the broad topic of ecosystem threats and those interested in collaborating with French scientists.

Graphic: debris avalanche in the Alps (image, 1806).


    Date of addition
    18 October 2023