Highly scored publication - Minerals (100 pts.)

We are pleased to inform about another scientific publication of Dr. Miłosz Huber (Department of Geology, Soil Science and Geoinformation):

Kozlov E., Fomina E., Sidorov M., Shilovskikh V., Bocharov V., Chernyavsky A, Huber M., 2020; The Petyayan-Vara Carbonatite-Hosted Rare Earth Deposit (Vuoriyarvi, NW Russia): Mineralogy and Geochemistry. Minerals, 10, 73; 1-36. doi:10.3390/min10010073 80p

According to the current List of Journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the article in "Minerals" is rated 100 points.

This article, like the previous one from 2019, is the result of twenty years of cooperation between Dr. Miłosz Huber and scientists from the Institute of Geology of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Apatity (Murmansk region). Within the framework of international cooperation, the above mentioned team of authors is engaged in research on old metamorphic rocks of the Eastern European craton. This research helps to determine various aspects of its evolution and the problem of mineralization. Currently, the problems of stratified intrusions containing platinum and alkaline intrusions containing rare earth elements are of particular interest.

The next step of the research team presented above will be the articles about isotopic studies of sulphides and carbonates and analyses of mineral associations. For this purpose, further field research and analyses of mineral samples taken from the Kola Peninsula will be necessary. Their implementation will take place in the summer season. 




    Date of addition
    6 February 2020