Consultation with Dr I. Hajdas on radiocarbon dating

A scientific consultation by Dr Irena Hajdas on radiocarbon dating of new sediment cores sampled from Spitsbergen lakes during the XXXI Polar Expedition of the UMCS took place at our Institute and the Ecotech Complex of the UMCS from 16-22 October 2023. Dr I.Hajdas will be involved in assessing the age of the bottom sediments of these lakes, thus extending the knowledge of the genesis and evolution of these reservoirs documenting climate change in polar areas. Previous studies have shown the beginning of lake bowl formation around 8,000 years ago.

We would also like to remind you that Dr Irena Hajdas - representing the discipline of Earth and Environmental Sciences - is once again on the list of the top 2% most cited scientists in 2022 published by Elsevier Publishing (link to information).


    Date of addition
    23 October 2023