The Vibes of UMCS – Activities Our Student Does Back Home

The new episode of The Vibes of UMCS in available now to watch on TV UMCS YouTube channel.

During the Covid-19 outbreak our students had to decide whether to stay or to go back to their home countries. Suraj, the student of International Relations program at UMCS and the leader of Hakuna Matata flew to India when the pandemic started as he wanted to be close to his family and friends.

During this episode of The Vibes of UMCS he shares his experience from travelling and talks about some of the customs he had to go thru in order to enter the country.

While being in a nature, surrounded by plants and birds, Suraj also speaks about the activities he used to do during the quarantine and shares his future plans with us.

The project is financed by the Polish Agency for Academic Exchange.



    Ellen Chkhitadze
    Date of addition
    25 June 2020