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 Business Analytics is full-time first-cycle studies with practical profile conducted at the Faculty of Economics at UMCS.

Business Analytics studies are interdisciplinary, combining the various fields of science. As part of the studies different matters are included: economic, mathematical, IT, legal issues referring to ongoing analysis of the economic environment, gathering large data sets and drawing business recommendations. Thanks to this program, you will acquire competences in the field of efficient and effective analysis of economic phenomena in dynamically changing market and economic conditions. The course is a response to the growing demand for highly specialized staff with knowledge in the field of business analysis. As a graduate of the faculty, you will acquire basic knowledge in the field of economics, finance and management, and the obtained education will perfectly match the growing market demand for employees.

The program of studies in the field of Business Analytics was developed as a result of the analysis of the labor market demand and the guidelines provided by experts and business practitioners in the field of business analytics. It consists of three groups of subjects: basic (in the field of management, economics and law), quantitative (in the field of mathematics and statistics), as well as tools related to the creation and use of IT tools to automate the processes of collecting, processing and visualizing data.

The knowledge you acquire in the field of Business Analytics has a wide range of applications. As a graduate, you'll be able to find employment as an analyst responsible for various business areas in non-financial enterprises (business analyst, supply chain analyst, distribution analyst, sales and operations planning analyst, sales and demand analyst, analyst system, SAP analyst and many others ), a planning specialist, market analyst, business decision analyst, risk analyst at banks and other financial institutions, but also an independent analyst or a member of a team of analytical consulting institutions or local government units.

Employment Opportunities:

- corporations,

- financial sector,

- public sector,

- advisory institutions

- other institutions managing and regulating economic processes.


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    19 March 2020