Representatives of Azerbaijani Embassy at UMCS

On December 3rd at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University a meeting with representatives of Azerbaijani Embassy took place. The Embassy of Azerbaijan was represented by Ms. Mehriban Samadova and Ms. Nurana Orudzewa.

Both Ms. Orudzewa and Ms. Samadova met with the UMCS Rector - Professor Stanisław Michałowski, UMCS Vice-rector - Professor Urszula Bobryk, Rector`s Proxy for Students Affairs - Ewelina Panas PhD and UMCS students of Azerbaijani origin.

During the meeting, matters pertaining the admission and education of Azerbaijani students at UMCS were discuessed. For the last 4 years Maria Curie-Skłodowska University has been actively engaged in creating opportunities for students from Azerbaijan. In the year 2015 only three students of Azerbaijani origin studied at UMCS. In this academic year (2019/2020) the number of Azerbaijani citizens studying at UMCS has been increased to eighteen.


    Date of addition
    5 December 2019

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