Participatory Budget - Voting for projects is open now!

The internet voting (through USOS) has already started!

As you might have known already at UMCS we have started a project called Participatory Budget. It is an extraordinary project for foreigners at UMCS. It is an opportunity for students/staff from abroad to be creative, design projects and manage them to finalization while enriching the academic lives of both national and international students pursuing their studies at UMCS.

International students, doctoral students and foreign employees of UMCS as individuals or as a team formed for the needs of the project, consisting of a minimum of 2 people could submit project proposals. And only 5 of those projects will get the funding and will be implemented.

The application deadline was extended until 15th of May, and in relation to that all other terms have been changed as well.

The internet voting through USOS system will be open from today till 10th of June 2020. Each person can give only one vote.

Based on the short descriptions of the projects you can choose your most favorable one and Vote for it. 

You can refuse to take part in the voting. 

The results will be announced on 11th of June at 15:00 CET.

We kindly invite you to take part in the Voting: "Participatory Budget 2020". 

The project is financed by the National Agency for Academic Exchange under the program "Welcome to Poland".


    Ellen Chkhitadze
    Date of addition
    26 May 2020