After the event: "Welcome to Poland" Gala

On Thursday evening, 14th November 2019, UMCS international students of programmes taught in English as well as faculty and non-academic staff attended "Welcome to Poland" Gala which took place at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism.

At the beginning of the Gale,  the Head of the Institute of Political Science and Administration at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, prof. Marek Pietraś introduced invited guests and delivered the speech. Then, prof. Wojciech Ziętara, the Dean of the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, gave the inaugural speech about UMCS.

During the next part of the event, some representatives of UMCS first-year international students took the floor. Newcomers described their first impressions about studying at UMCS and their stay in Poland.

Students had opportunities to get to know Polish culture and art due to the remarkable performance of the Group of UMCS Folk Dance - Zespół Tańca Ludowego (ZTL) under the guidance of mgr Lech Leszczyński. Traditional folk costumes, wonderful choreography and precise steps interested the whole audience. Then, some international students from Georgia, India and Kenya gave musical performances.

The whole event was hosted by two UMCS students Ellen Chkitadze (International relations, 2nd year, MA) and Ayorinde Awoyale (Intercultural Communication in Education and the Workplace, 2nd year, MA).

The official banquet was the last part of the Gala. Participants could try traditional Polish cuisines as well as feel the warm hospitality of the Poles.

The Foreigners @ UMCS Project Team would like to thank all guests for coming and participating in the event.

Photo gallery: Bartosz Proll

The event was organized as a part of task no. 9 Multicultural Days at UMCS under the project „Foreigners @ UMCS – a comprehensive set of actions and systemic solutions focused on institutional improvement and strengthening of UMCS in servicing international students and staff” within the framework of “Welcome to Poland” programme organized by National Agency for Academic Exchange.





    Iwona Beksiak
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    18 November 2019