Pawel Pasierbiak at Teikyo University and Kanagawa University

Dr. Paweł Pasierbiak from the Department of World Economy and European Integration returned from a two-week stay in Japan.

The first stage of the journey was the capital of the country. At the invitation of Teikyo University (Tokyo), Dr. P. Pasierbiak gave a lecture for students and TU employees. The lecture entitled 'Asia in International Economy. A European Perspective' enjoyed quite a lot of interest among students, especially those from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries. During his stay at Teikyo University, Dr. Pasierbiak also met with prof. OSADA Hiroshi – a researcher of economic integration in Asia, and at the same time, the chairman of the international exchange committee at the university. The talks, apart from substantive issues, concerned the possibility of establishing interinstitutional cooperation.

The second stage of the trip was Yokohama, where on November 13-16, 2017, the Polish week 'Poland and the European Union' was organized. At the organizers' invitation, the event was graced by the Polish Ambassador in Japan - dr hab. Jacek Izydorczyk. Scientists from three academic centers – Poznań University of Economics, Wrocław University of Economics, and Maria Curie-Skłodowska University were presenting. Dr. Paweł Pasierbiak gave a speech on 'Membership in the European Union. Polish experience in selected areas of the economy'. Also, during the stay, there were lectures for Japanese students on the processes of development of the world economy and the East Asia region and lectures encouraging students to choose Poland as the place of their studies.

Dr. P. Pasierbiak, as the faculty coordinator of international programs, also conducted talks with representatives of KU: professor MATOBA Akihiro (Director of the International Center) and Mr. TAKAHASHI Hiroaki regarding the agreement being negotiated between UMCS and Kanagawa University.

There is a chance that UMCS students will be able to go to Japan, and KU students will study at our university from the next academic year.


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    22 November 2017

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