Compulsory trainings for students

The training are aimed at students who have started their studies at UMCS for the first time in the form of full-time and part-time 1st and 2nd degree studies. The trainings are compulsory and assessment will be in the form of an online test.

In the academic year 2022/23, the following trainings (in Polish and in English) will be conducted for first-year (1st and 2nd degree) students in the online format:

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Ethics and disciplinary responsibility of students
  • Library training

In order to obtain credits for the trainings, the Student should:

Training must be completed within the period: from 03/10/2022. until 15/02/2023


In connection with the implementation of the new library system, the training in library preparation will be launched on 09/01/2023.

Credits will be sent to the USOS system on 16-17 / 02/2023.

The  trainings are administered by the Office for Remote Education (e-mail:, 

e-consultation: link, phone: 0-81 537 61 81).


    Date of addition
    10 October 2022