Next two Partners meetings in DT.Uni project

In April and September, the DT.Uni. team met again to work on the project and get ready with all the activities for students (local and international bootcamps, local workshops, e-book). The meetings in the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and the Bifrost University (Iceland) were great opportunities to summarize the previous months of activities for researchers, academics and management staff, and to plan the last year of the project.

During the stay in Amsterdam, besides discussing the project, the participants had a chance to look into how to implement the design thinking approach in business and in social projects (meetings with the Director of the Startup Village and Miha Turšič form the Waag Technology & Society) and at University (meetings with Katusha Sol, Coyan Tromp and Niels Molenaar). In September, the team also met Sigríður Margrét Guðmundsdóttir, an entrepreneur, a co-worker of the Bifröst University who is using her experience in journalism and  theatre to run a very innovative project of the Settlement Center Exhibition in Borgarnes in cooperation with city hall and the local community.

In the next few months, we will invite you to take part in local and international bootcamps for students. Look forward for detailed information.



    Date of addition
    17 October 2019