Innovation Bootcamp in Lublin

On 3rd and 4th December the Innovation Bootcamp in Lublin took place. During the two-day-long event, students took part in a design thinking workshop and a fair of different institutions and organisations which may help them to develop and gain experience during the studies.

4 groups of students choose very interesting and up to date challenges to work on:

  • team Chilli Peppers was looking for a solution on how to fill the gap between theory and practice during studies. They finished with a system of obligatory internship programmes for all students and strong cooperation between universities and business.
  • team 4K was projecting the University of the future. In their vision, there should be a place both for online lectures and theory and offline project-based learning programmes with practitioners and business.
  • the Girls Club started from the “trash in public space” challenge and finished with a prototype of an innovative trash bin which would help to eliminate the risk of burning up the bins caused of cigarettes.
  • the Youthship group was working on the subject of blackouts and they finished with a prototype of a system for accumulating energy from lightning which will be much cheaper for citizens and also more eco-friendly.


After a long discussion, the jury decided to promote the Youthship and 4K groups as the groups which will represent Lublin in the International Innovation Bootcamp in April 2020. 


It was a great pleasure to work with all the students and see how creative and engaged they are. We all hope that the participants gained new knowledge and experience on how to use design thinking and be more creative and innovative in their everyday life. If you are interested in design thinking and want to take part in similar events, let us know.


The whole event wouldn’t be successful without our facilitators (dr hab. Grzegorz Janusz, dr Michał Nowakowski, dr Olga Pliszczyńska), experts (Maciej Zaporowski from the City Hall, Michał Wolny from the EcoLublin group, and Dariusz Figura from the Teatrikon Foundation), partners (the City Hall, Teatrikon Foundation, Sempre a Frente Foundation, Inside Out Foundation, Workshops of Culture, AIESEC Lublin, the Giovani nel Mondo Association, TV UMCS, and Radio Centrum), and hardworking organizers from the International Cooperation Centre (Diana Skwarzyńska, Małgorzata Południuk, Joanna Górka).


fot. B. Proll


    Date of addition
    12 December 2019