Lublin Airport as a partner of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University

Lublin Airport has joined the giant partners of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, such as Asseco Data System or Central Informatics Centre. This is another significant agreement signed during the term of office of the rector.

2nd June 2022 Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin and Lublin Airport signed an agreement on cooperation. The meeting was attended by the Rector of Maria Curie-Sklodowska University of Lublin, Prof. Radosław Dobrowolski, the Vice Rector for Development and Cooperation with the Economy, Prof. Zbigniew Pastuszak, as well as the President of PLL Andrzej Hawryluk, Vice President Włodzimierz Wysocki and Commercial Director Marek Pierściński.

Cooperation between the two partners will be based, among other things, on implementation of scientific and research projects, as well as educational projects with respect for intellectual property rights, implementation of student internship and apprenticeship programmes, organisation of training, promotion of the best students, facilitating their start in the labour market, exchange of information, materials and publications in areas of interest to both institutions, implementation of joint projects and educational initiatives, as well as exchange of experience between the spheres of practice and science. Joint activities also involve academic staff in the preparation of internal materials for the needs of the airport.

Cooperation with the social and economic environment is one of the key areas of activity of UMCS. As noted by the rector of the University, Professor Radosław Dobrowolski: "The whole sphere of future cooperation will include both activities on scientific and research grounds, research and implementation, as well as teaching. We will determine the details on an ongoing basis, but the further perspective and scope of cooperation is indeed very broad and gives great opportunities for involvement of our staff, as well as activity of students from various departments. I'm thinking here about, among others, scientific internships and student practices, and also in the context of finding a job by our graduates.

The rector emphasized that cooperation with the business environment is extremely important for UMCS from the point of view of the university's strategy and the strengthening of its position, and thus of the city and the province.

Andrzej Hawryluk, President of Lublin Airport, spoke in a similar tone - Lublin Airport is a pro-development factor for the whole region. Our experience and our infrastructure are also used by universities. I am glad that the largest university in the region, UMCS, joins this group.

- From the point of view of Lublin University of Life Sciences, a university with extensive teaching experience and a variety of educational profiles, the signing of the agreement with Lublin Airport is of great importance, especially in the field of international logistics, analytics, finance and psychology. Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (UMCS) in its educational offer has majors that can provide candidates to work at the airport in different spheres, such as logistics or internal security - explained Zbigniew Pastuszak, Ph.

The commercial director of PLL Marek Pierściński added - I would like to emphasize how important it is for Lublin Airport to maximize revenues. As we know, the period of the pandemic was difficult, that's why we decided with the management to develop also other aviation branches (...). We are counting on the support of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University of Lublin, especially in terms of the logistics sector, which we would like to develop in the Lublin region, both academically and in terms of purely operational and technical aspects. We are also counting on cooperation when it comes to various kinds of economic analysis and assessment.

Under the agreement, UMCS will conduct analyses related to international air traffic, tourism, analyses of customer preferences with regard to particular airlines and airline services, or examine issues related to cargo transport, i.e. the carriage of international goods. The cooperation will also have an impact on the promotion of the city of Lublin, the whole region, as well as on relations and the revival of the economic sphere in the Lublin region.

- The airport is associated with transport, movement, with activities of a logistic and informational nature, connected with certain dynamics or psychology of crowds. In the first place we can expect agreements implementing specific projects e.g. with the Institute of Management and Quality Sciences and the Institute of Psychology. On the other hand, cooperation with lawyers and political scientists may be important in the case of research related to safety, and in the case of research on customers' preferences regarding specific airlines, cooperation with psychologists and marketers - emphasized Prof. Pastuszak.

Lublin Airport is a joint stock company established by local governments. The biggest shareholders are the city of Lublin and Lublin voivodship. Lublin Airport serves the Lublin agglomeration, acting as a catalyst for the economic development of the region. The airport started operating in 2012. Currently, 3 carriers operate regularly from PLL. These are low-cost airlines Wizzair and Rynair and the national carrier, LOT Polish Airlines. There are 8 regular and holiday routes serviced. Twice daily connections are provided to Warsaw and London. The company also handles cargo shipped by air and land.

Protographed by Bartosz Proll


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