Key speech therapy problems

We want to inform you that on 25th September 2021, a nationwide scientific conference will be held. "Preschool and early school speech therapy - prevention, diagnosis and therapy of speech disorders" (remote form - MS Teams platform). The conference will be combined with the promotion of the second volume of the scientific monograph "Pre-school and early school speech therapy", edited by Aneta Domagała and Urszula Mirecka (Gdańsk 2021, publishing series: "Logopedia of the 21st century", editors of the series: Stanisław Milewski, Ewa Czaplewska, Harmonia Universalis Publishing House).

The monograph is dedicated to Dr Anna Sołtys-Chmielowicz, a recognized researcher of children's speech, an excellent speech therapist-practitioner, and a teacher of many generations of speech therapists in Poland. Dr Anna Sołtys-Chmielowicz (retired employee of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin) will be the Honorary Guest of the conference. Years ago, she built the foundations of preschool and early childhood speech therapy in our country. The Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin boasts the oldest speech therapy centre in our country - currently, it is the Chair of Speech Therapy and Applied Linguistics.

While preparing a two-volume monograph, dr hab. Aneta Domagała, prof. UMCS and dr hab. Urszula Mirecka, prof. UMCS invited outstanding specialists from leading academic centres in Poland, recognized researchers and practitioners from various environments to cooperate. This is a joint achievement of many people, serving the development of Polish speech therapy - the intention was to present the issues in the area of ​​preschool and early childhood speech therapy, which are still of the utmost importance if one takes into account the current system of speech therapy and formal solutions that define the scope of specialist activities for practitioners.

The conference organisers are the Institute of Logopaedics at the University of Gdańsk, the Pomeranian Branch of the Polish Logopaedic Society and the Harmonia Publishing Group. Up-to-date information about the conference, including its program, is available at in the "Conferences and news" tab. 


    Monika Kusiej
    Date of addition
    6 July 2021