The Department of Political Systems, the Department of Political Thought and People’s Scholarly-Cultural Association

are pleased to announce an international conference:

Political Music: Communication, Contestation and Mobilization

14 June 2018

The Faculty of Political Science,
Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin, Poland

The conference aims to explore the essence and application of political music both to legitimize and challenge political systems, and the role music plays in political communication. The conference will address issues such as the nature of political music, its functions, and its impact on the relations between the rulers and the citizens. The conference seeks to discuss the history of political music since the antiquity to the present time, with special focus on the twentieth century. An important aspect will be the deployment of music in electoral campaigns in the era of post-politics. The conference will provide a forum for reflections on patriotic music in the context of the centenary of Poland’s independence. The year 2018 is also the 50th anniversary of the student revolt of 1968, hence another area worth exploring may be the influence that music has on shaping collective consciousness and social sentiments (through popularizing or intensification of propagated ideas).

We seek proposal for papers and panels on the following aspects:

~      The definition and history of political music;

~      Aspects, trends, genres and styles of political music;

~      The role of music in shaping patriotic and irredentist attitudes;

~      Music and ideology;

~      Music and political communication;

~      Musicians as political actors;

~      Music in political marketing;

~      Political engagement of musicians;

~      Political music and social life;

~      Satire on politics;

~      Political music and new media;

~      Political music and popular culture;

~      Music of youth subcultures;

~      The role of music in political symbolism;

~      and others related to the topic of the conference.

The conference will encompass plenary session, thematic panels, an exhibition of vinyl records, meetings with musical journalists and musicians, and a concert. We accept papers in Polish, English, and Russian. Selected papers will be published in 2019. The deadline for the submission of complete articles is 14 August 2018.

Organizing Committee: Dr. Tomasz Bichta, Dr. Anna Szwed-Walczak

Advisory Board: Prof. Ewa Maj, Prof. Wojciech Sokół

Conference Secretaries:

Dr hab. Marcin Wichmanowski

Dr. Michał Wallner

Łukasz Jędrzejski, MA

Krzysztof Stanisław Werner, MA

To submit a proposal, please fill in the form available on our website at,14169.htm by 30 April 2018. Notifications of acceptance will be sent in early May.

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