History of the UMCS Library

The foundation and the development of the Library are closely connected with the history of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University. Soon after its establishment (23 October 1944), the Library started to be created.

The profile of the book collection was shaped by the changes of the University. In the first years, mainly mathematical and natural scientific, medical, veterinary and philosophical publications were collected. With the establishment of new faculties: the Faculty of Law in 1949, the Faculty of Humanities in 1952, the Faculty of Economics in 1965, the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology in 1973 and the gaining of independence by other faculties (medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural), the policy of book collecting has changed.

At present, the Library is a universal resource and contains traditional titles of books, magazines, the oldest written texts, cartographic, graphic and musical collections. Electronic books and periodicals are presented by means of the resources of licensed databases and the UMCS Digital Library.

The UMCS Main Library together with 16 specialized libraries creates the library and information system of the University. Its collections are available to students and employees of its own and other institutions, as well as to all residents of Lublin, fulfilling the tasks of a public library.

Since 1968 the Library is located in the building at 11, Radziszewskiego Street. The complex of the Main Library buildings is located in the center of the university campus, forming an integral part of its landscape.