Interlibrary Lending

Interlibrary Lending Room is in the room number 203 on the first floor of the main Library building.
tel. (81) 537 58 86, e-mail:

Monday:  11.00 am – 3.00 pm 
Tuesday - Friday:    8.00 am – 3.00 pm 
Saturday:   closed

 Interlibrary Loan services enable UMCS faculty, staff and students who hold a valid Library card to supplement the library's resources by requesting materials from other libraries in Poland and abroad, excluding those located in Lublin.

The order must contain accurate bibliographic information (of a book or an article):

• the author’s name,
• the article’s title,
• the journal’s title,
• publication year, volume number, issue number,
• page numbers

Orders from abroad

Prices of importing library materials:

1. Coverage of a part of the postage and compulsory charges:
   a) borrowing a book from abroad:
      Poland - free;
      Europe (without Great Britain) - PLN 50;
      Great Britain - PLN 80;
      USA, Australia and other - PLN 75;

   b) a copy of a journal’s article - according to the bill issued by the sending institution.

2. The reader is also obliged to pay other borrowing fees requested by the library providing the works (respectively to the bills).