Open Access Area

The library provides open access to a part of collections - books and periodicals, arranged according to the Classification of the Library of Congress in Washington (KBK).

The Library reader uses the designated open access collections:

  • library materials are sought for, carried within the premises, used locally or borrowed by the user,
  • materials used locally are left on the carts designated for this purpose, not carried back on the shelf,
  • the right to borrow outside the Library is granted to readers who have a valid library account,
  • on the labels of the books there is a WD serial number - an alphanumeric record, beginning with the letter denoting the field and the subfield, the date of issue e.g. KK248.2.G76 1953; the books are also marked with colored stickers corresponding to particular fields.



  • Red sticker indicates sccess only in the reading room.
  • books are returned in the areas of open access or Main Library's circulation desk,
  • collections located in the the areas of open access cannot be ordered via a computer Library system.

Distribution of open access collections in the UMCS Main Library

Sharing place Field symbol Field 

Reading Room 1 
ground floor of the older

Library building
C Auxiliary sciences of history
D,E,F History
H Social sciences (economy,  sociology)
J Political sciences
K Law
U Military science

Scientific Information Department

Reading Room 

1st floor of the newer Library building
A General works (multidisciplinary encyclopaedias, informers)
Z Library science, bibliology, national bibliography
ZA Information Science

Main Reading Room 
1st floor of the older

 Library building
B Philosophy, Theology, Religion
G Geography, Archeology, Ethnology, Folklore, Sport
L Education
P Literary Studies, Literature, Theater, Cinema, Television, Journalism 
Q Mathematics, Informatics, Physics, Chemistry, Geology
R Medicine
S Agriculture, Forestry
T Technology